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سوف يتم عرض قصاصتك الحيوية هنا...يتم عرض هذه الرسالة لأنك لم تقم بتحديد التأثير الفني والقالب حتى يتم استخدامه.
سوف يتم عرض قصاصتك الحيوية هنا...يتم عرض هذه الرسالة لأنك لم تقم بتحديد التأثير الفني والقالب حتى يتم استخدامه.

Natural wallpaper

The natural wallpaper, made of natural fibers and handcrafted from wood bark, bark, mica, oyster, gold and silver leaf, is made in South Korea. It's expensive, so it's recommended to use this album's designs in classic-style spaces, such as the reception hall that has the largest view of your home. Using natural wallpaper album designs allows you to bring a unique and luxurious design to your environment.

Korean Wallpaper

Korean Wallpaper Which is from an international brand GAENARI WALLPAPERS is one of the leading wallpaper manufacturing companies in South Korea, founded in 1977. Wallpapers are of high quality, made from environmentally friendly products, using a high-tech hot stamping method, have high strength, moisture resistance, and are protected from fading in the sunlight.They analyze global trends and develop original designs to showcase the latest innovations through continuous investment, and are pursuing decorative trends in residential, commercial interiors and future spaces in Korea and around the world. Their Vision is to grow as an eco-friendly brand to benefit humans and nature through innovative design and excellent quality.

Yaqoot Company Collaborates With A Renowned Soth Korean Design Studio
For Research And Develment, Creating Unique Decor Patterns. We Integrate Technology
And Foreign Equipment, Ensuring An International Level Of Product Quality And Performance. Our Product Range In The People's Republic Of Chaina Includes:

1. PVC Or Vinyl Wallpaper

2. Non-Woven Wallpaper

3. Foam-Backed Non-Woven Wallpaper

4. Pure Paper Wallpaper

5. Rotating Print Wallpaper

6. Merallic Wallpaper

7. Custom Wall Panels

Our Commitment To Safety And Enviromental Protection Is Evident In Our Products.
We Eliminate Formaldehyde And Use Water Based Adhesive To Protect The Environment,
Skillfully Mixed By Experienced Craftsmen. At Yaqoot,We Strive To Provide Aesthetic And Eco Friendly Solutions.


Italian Wallpapers

The Italian wallpapers catalog offers to dress the walls in Venetian plaster and softly flowing fabric. The illusion is created through texture and a well-thought-out color palette. Combining plain canvases and prints allows you to use Italian wallpapers in the interior to embody the most daring ideas, to turn square meters into a comfortable home that matches the inner world of its owners.Wall coverings of this series have a high density, which makes it possible to hide minor defects in the pasted surfaces. High tear strength, the use of hypoallergenic raw materials, and technologies that prevent fading of paints are additional reasons to buy Italian wallpapers. .

Swiss Murals

The W-G Company Was Established in 1968 And Has Decades Of Experoence. Since Its
Humble Beginnings, W+G Has Grown From A Small Sticker Company To one Of The
Leading And Reputable Sources In The Field Of Wall Decoration, Offering A Wide Range Of Wall Panels As Its Main Product. The W+G Wall Panel Collection Includes Panels Made From Paper And Non-Woven Materials, As Well As Door Panels And Large Artistic Posters. 

W+G Panels Are Produced Using Modern Technology For Printing Photographic Image, And Each Product Undergeos Strict Quality Control Before Being Released To The Market. Each Piece Is An Artistic Work Featuring Elegant Designs.

We Aim To Make Wall Art A Part Of Everyone's Daily Life. Our Fantastic Collection, Comprising Over 900 Design, Includes Various Themes And Sizes Suitble For Diverse Design Enviroments And Purposes Such As Living Rooms, Children's Rooms,Nurseries,Bedrooms,Schools,Commercial Areas, Hotels,Restaurants,Dining Areas,Halls,Fitness Centers, And Other Indoor Spaces. With The Right Image The Room Becomes More Comforable, Warmer, Or More Functional. From Realistic Nature Scenes And Photographs To Modern And Contemporary Artwork, We Can Always Offer Something That Suits Your Taste And Style.

Poland Murals

Consalnet company has been developing on the wall decoration market since 2005, becoming more and more recognizable brand each year.their murals are of excellent quality, mainly due to the use of modern printing methods and the highest quality inks.Their brand products are primarily vivid colors, high print quality and original design, which make them recognizable among products of various brands.they strive to be as eco friendly as possible.The murals are printed using the latest technologies such as GREEN GUARD certified HP LATEX printer that ensures the highest quality of prints, and guarantees that the products we produce are environmentally friendly, odourless and safe for using indoor.they also got the world one FSC certificates

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