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frequently asked questions (FAQ)

 Yes, we have installation service available in: Jeddah

we provide professional Wallpaper installers to you at special price of per roll.
Depend on the number of rolls. We provide installation for Self Adhesive Wall Stickers
& Wall Decals too. Please call us for a quotation.

Shipping methods:Orders are shipped abroad outside the city of Jeddah by well-known land transport companies (SMSA, Zajel), and a copy of the bill of lading is sent to the previous case, the freight carrier is with the company to receive it.

Charging time and frequency:- The shipping period is from 3 - 5 working days from the date of payment confirmation to our customers outside the city of Jeddah.- 

The shipping cost is to be delivered and estimated from the products ordered and the type of product.

Delivery within Jeddah:

Through the delivery representative for (30) riyals.

If a piece of wallpaper has been torn from the wall, you can smooth it out and glue it back
into place. Use a small brush to apply paste to the piece, re-affix it.

Yes. Vinyl-coated wallpapers are recommended for use in bathrooms and kitchens. They have a
higher resistance to moisture and are generally splash-proof. No wallpaper for walls is recommended for
use in direct contact with water. In the bathroom, use wallpaper in the dry area. Similarly in the kitchen,
use wallpaper where it does not come into direct contact with heat or water.

Priming is an important part of the wallpapering process. It basically seals your walls to
prevent the wallpaper paste from being absorbed into porous surfaces, and allows the paste
to grip on slick surfaces. Using primer gives an ideal and uniform surface for your wallpaper
to stick to. Priming the wall also helps with wallpaper removal when the time comes

It can be done, but it is not recommended. The new layer of home wallpaper will put extra
pressure on the old wallpaper, and may cause the paper to come off the walls. Moreover,
new wallpaper cannot be installed over textured or vinyl coated wallpapers underneath.
The best course is to remove all old wallpaper before installing any new one.

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