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When it comes to wallpaper , everyone knows or at least once heard of Korean wallpaper. Korean wallpaper is the first product line present in Saudi Arabia and is also the most popular brand. However, it is also easy to understand if many of you do not understand well about wallpaper in general and Korean wallpaper in particular for many different reasons. Understanding that, so here, the Korean Wallpaper Warehouse would like to write an article introducing the issues and knowing about Korean wallpaper for your reference.

Structure of Korean wallpaper

Genuine Korean wallpaper usually has a 2-layer structure

  • Inner layer -  This is paperboard mixed with polymer resin, this layer has the effect of keeping glue, sticking to the wall surface;
  • Outer layer - The other layer is a polymer resin layer that works to create patterns, this polymer layer is thick, resistant to water and moisture from the outside to the inside of the wall, this thick polymer layer is also a factor that creates floral patterns embossed literature.

Pattern of Korean wallpaper

When preparing wallpaper selection, it is advisable to consult the designer or distributor to select the appropriate paper. Each house has its own style, most townhouses now have a modern and simple style, so they often choose plain colored paper or press some impressive patterns. The villa has a slightly classic style with many patterns to choose from. From true classical patterns to simplified classical patterns.

For each space in a house, an architect or interior designer will advise you on patterns and colors for harmony. The living room is a place to communicate a lot, so it needs to be taken care of. The walls should not be glued with the same pattern but need the main wall, which will have a darker color, a more prominent pattern.

Other areas outside the bedroom, such as the hallway or hallway, may use the same color scheme as the living room, but the pattern may be different. Relatively separate bedrooms can use patterns according to the preferences of the owner of the room but do not be too opposed to the outside. In the bedroom, you should use paper with soft strokes and relaxing patterns and colors.

The safety of Korean wallpaper

Korean wallpaper products meet the safety standards of SV and JIS. SV standard (standard for safe wallpaper)

  • - Environmentally friendly, no dust
  • - Easy to clean with soap, water, wet cloth, mild detergent.
  • - Absolutely safe for the environment, does not contain lead, mercury.

Using Korean wallpaper to decorate or refresh the house is a smart, effective and safe solution. Especially, for families with children and the elderly, Korean wallpaper is also a friendly companion, helping to improve living space and increase resistance to the environment.

Where is Korean wallpaper commonly used?

As  introduced by NND  Wallpaper, Korean wallpaper has about 4000 Beautiful Korean Wallpaper Patterns of different types, so they can fit most spaces. From living room, bedroom to wall stickers for restaurants... Korean wallpaper can all meet the requirements of the most demanding customers.

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